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Christopher King, Motivational Speaker & Humanitarian


Christopher King is a 4x Presidential Volunteer Service Medal Recipient. Born in Dallas, Tx, but raised in Savannah, Ga. He managed celebrities such as Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives of LA, B.B. King, and Field Mob, just to name a few. He has promoted concert tours from Chingy, Grupo Niche, and Mr. Cheeks in Asia and military bases abroad while still serving his country honorably in the United States Marine Corps for over 8 Years and Modeling agent 100 models globally. Recently the Savannah native spoke with Steller Magazine about his journey of being the President of the United for Human Rights.

Q: Some people might need to be reacquainted, tell the people who you are.

A: Christopher A King, Motivational Speaker and Humanitarian. A man that loves family and the community. I believe all kids are my kids. Christopher King is a 4x Presidential Volunteer Service Medal Recipient.

I was born in Dallas Tx, but raised in Savannah Ga, so I claim my C-Port Streets for real. Over the years I found myself in many walks of life so who is Christopher King?
A man that has managed celebs such as Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives of LA, B B King, and Field Mob just to name a few. I have promoted concert tours from Chingy, Grupo Niche, and Mr. Cheeks in Asia and military bases abroad while still serving my country honorably in the United States Marine Corps for over 8 Years. So, I say again who is Christopher King. Once a Modeling agent for over 100 models globally. I guess I can say if I wanted to do something I did it and was successful at it. But one thing I know for sure is that after all that I was doing, and had done, I guess I was still searching for who Christopher King was. Moving to Tampa in 2013 was one of the best decisions I could have made for my future. I founded the Gentlemen’s Course, Inc.

A non-profit that educates youth on Etiquette, Human Rights and Human Trafficking awareness because I was fulfilled in entertainment. It was fun but I was still empty, I guess. There is so much more to that we could be here all day so tune in for the book.

Q: Tell me about your journey of being the President of the United for Human Rights.

A: Becoming the President of United for Human Rights truly was a journey of volunteer and commitment to giving. I want to do something that truly helped humanity and while developing content for my own charity it only made sense to add their content to my program. I made a commitment to the organization and learned how to present the program, and after years they asked me to fill the position after the former president passed away of natural causes. while being president it has enlightened me to be able to see more into the world of the movers and shakers from government officials on down to the community leader. making partnerships with other organizations and growing the engagement so that more people can learn Human Rights. It provided me and opportunity to speak at the United Nations, to individuals from all over the world twice.

Q: How did you become involved in this type of work?

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A: It was a choice of commitment to giving back so a little story: I was moving in my fashion line and representing the fashion industry in Tampa through my custom clothing and wooden bowties. Tina Cox my manager at the time, introduced me to an organization that was hosting a fundraiser and I had no clue that and or what the organization was. She took the time to educate me that the kids modeling in this show are survivors of human trafficking. That statement shook me for a second as I had no clue what she was referring to. I had to begin researching what that was as I thought it was only in another country and now after working for years in the field of awareness and education, I have a newfound passion every day that I may be able to help a survivor.

Q: Trafficking continues to happen in our community, do you feel like African Americans and Latinos are the most targeted?

A: You are correct that Trafficking does continue to happen in our country and no I do not feel like African Americans and Latinos are the most targeted because in studies the race has never been a factor a human is a human. Most common demographic is the age; they love the vulnerable and the weak. Children are the high target.

Q: As a community how do you feel like we can make a change?

A: The only key to eradicating human trafficking is educating the entire community and hold them accountable for follow up teaching, to many people live comfortable lives that they cannot be touched and that it cannot happen to them. we must continue educating one, and secondly punishments need to be increases for the crimes.

Q: Why do you think these problems exist?

A: There is a social disconnect that people seek verification through material things, there is a disconnect that children are in the system for various reasons, it is just too many bad social issues that we deal with in society in America that leaves people vulnerable. that is a great question how we fix all the problems. one person cannot. it takes a village.

Q: Do you consider what you do human rights work?

A: Human trafficking is a direct violation of many human rights of people. the relationship is strong to the civil rights movement also. I reference that because the failure in clarifying the social injustices in society is one of the root reasons our country is divided. once we have a divide the division just continues to grow. educating people on their 30 human rights is direct human rights work.

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Q: What is the biggest learning experience you had with your campaign?

A: The biggest learning experience that I had with my campaign is that the ability to educate people their human rights teach me that I am giving people a key to a better society. I am giving people a key to being humane. I am teaching people how to care for themselves and others. I am teaching people how to protect themselves and others.

Q: What is the best way for people to discover their rights?

A: The best way for people to discover their rights truly is to simply pull up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and read it. All 30 are listed and public information. it is not a secret document. what we have done is simplify it and provide booklets for the youth and adults that we can mail out to learn at home. We offer also online courses.

Q: What are ways that young people can take effective action for change in the community?

A: There are many ways that a young person can take effective action by simply helping the neighbor next to them, or maybe volunteer with a local charity, they can mentor other kids. the list is so long with options of what young people can do, people just must activate and want to care for people.

Q: You have done amazing things in the community what is next for you?

A: A few projects I have in store is a few books, also casted for a new B B King movie we will start filming in 2021. I have been nominated for The Presidential Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award also. so, 2021 is a great year already I cannot wait to see what happens.

For more information about Christopher King follow him on IG @therealchristopherking.

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