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Navigate The Risky World of Forex Trading

Before you dive into Forex trading, you have to have a basic understanding of what it is and how you can earn. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and Forex trading means buying and selling currencies, especially done online. Its objective is to exchange one currency for another, in the expectation that the price will change in your favor.

Vigilante is known as an actor and music artist from Michigan. Recently Vigilante spoke with Steller Magazine about his collaboration with Forex and the reason he switched from IM Academy to Epic Trading.

“During the Pandemic, at the beginning of March, I decided to mirror some other Forex traders and learned the lingo and the techniques it takes to be a Forex trader. I started my business in April, and by the end of 2020, I had over 150 people who had partnered with me in my personal foreign exchange business. Currently, I am at Epic trading, and I am sustaining those numbers and making the first residual money that I have ever made. It feels a lot better and secure; I felt like many people get into better financial situations, credit scores, homes, cars, just living in general, such as a different skill set that they will have for a lifetime.”

The variety of options in the Forex market keeps growing every month. While most brokers seem to be the same, some of them offer better services than others. Vigilante went on to explain his choices, “My transition from IM academy was sprung by creative differences in the first group that I was with. I like IM academy and I believe that it has a great system and it’s definitely before its time. I feel like it is a little bit dated in the way that it navigates. The owners, and creatives are farfetched from the actual consumers, and they sell more confusion than they do results. That’s why other platforms such as Trader, Epic, Pips, and Dips have made a huge stamp this past year. They felt like the door was wide open and the truth be told it was. My transition had to do a lot with me wanting to see my counterparts successful as well as myself in putting them in a better situation so that they can help their families and friends in a more responsible way than digging them or their family further in the whole”

Although trading is still very risky, with no risk comes no reward.

Tavia MD

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