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How Terrance Hutchinson Turned His Mess Into A Message

The Mess:

Certified Elite Health & Wellness Coach, Terrance Hutchinson hasn’t always been the health guru he is now. Before fully immersing himself in a lifestyle of wellness, he was an average American. Like many of us, he assumed he was healthy because he worked out occasionally. However, an awakening happened after Terrance experienced a tumultuous divorce. To cope with his situation, he began partying, drinking, and smoking. “I went through a period of depression. I was trying to suppress my anger and frustration. I was abusing my body and I knew better.” Terrance’s unexpected wake-up call came shortly after.

Realizing something wasn’t right, he made a doctor’s appointment. Upon arrival at the doctor’s office, Terrance collapsed in the waiting room. That day, Terrance was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. In hindsight, he could identify the symptoms that appeared before his diagnosis, that were ignored at the moment. Those symptoms were: frequent urination, extreme thirst, blurry vision, and lack of appetite. When Terrance was diagnosed, his A1C was 9.3 and his glucose was 13.60, both of which should have placed him in a coma. During his hospitalization, he spent 3 days in the ICU and rapidly lost 40lbs due to non-eating and hastily losing fluids. What was his saving grace? His previous sporadic health routine. Since he did occasionally exercised, he escaped a diabetic coma.


The Message:

In the two months it took to recover, Terrance noticed his doctors always spoke to him in terms of maintaining his condition, not the remedy or reversal of it. “People are spending around $8,000 annually on just maintenance. I knew I would go broke.” He wanted to help others get healthy and save the money that would go into maintaining their conditions. This decision launched him on a journey to educate himself and others about the possibility of reversing their ailment.

Presently, Terrance promotes overall health and understands how to meet his clients where they are. As a consultant, he teaches a lifestyle in which clients can reverse Type 2 Diabetes while being careful to not denigrate the importance of medication. He is also a proponent for holistic treatment including farm to table eating, stress management and meditation. Through 11 years of research and experience, Terrance knows that some people prefer to maintain their diabetes as opposed to giving up vices to fully reverse the condition. Emphasizing how his client’s health ultimately impacts their family, oftentimes, he’s able to convince them to change their habits because of their support systems. Today, Terrance Hutchinson is a celebrated consultant, writer, speaker, actor, and author; all of which began with a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

With the emergence of Covid-19, Terrance has shifted his focus. For the health and safety of his clients, he now offers virtual consultations and coaching. Terrance is also finalizing his third book titled, “Get Rid of Diabetes Now,” which will be available mid-Spring 2021. You can find out more about Terrance and his current projects here:

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Writer: T. Nicole

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