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Netflix’s smash hit ‘Lupin’ ends Part 2 with a twist-filled episode — and enough loose ends for another season

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Part 2 of “Lupin.”

The second part of Netflix thriller “Lupin” ends with a breathless chase through a sprawling auditorium, several very convincing disguises, and enough loose ends for an entertaining third season.

“Lupin” follows suave conman Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) as he tries to take revenge against those who framed his late father, Babakar (played by Fargass Assandé), for stealing a priceless diamond necklace. Through his many heists to clear his father’s name, Assane takes inspiration from Arsène Lupin, a character created by real-life French novelist Maurice LeBlanc.

In the five-episode Part 1 released in January, “Lupin” gave viewers a peek into its enigmatic main character’s life and that of the people who wronged his family. Assane comes close to exposing his father’s former boss Hubert Pellegrini (played by Hervé Pierre) for pinning the theft of the diamond necklace on Babakar, as well as some other suspicious deals. However, the wealthy businessman uses his connections in the media to avoid being held accountable.

The second part, which started streaming on Netflix on Friday, continues to follow Assane on his journey to seek long-overdue justice. He has more success in exposing Hubert and his accomplices this time around.

In the final scene of the fifth episode (the last installment of Part 2), Assane tells his family, “I’ll be back” before disappearing into the night as police sirens blare in the background.

Luckily, “Lupin” fans won’t have to wait too long after this big cliffhanger to find out if the story will continue — Netflix renewed the popular thriller for a third batch of episodes in May. Sy also confirmed the news in a tweet.

A release date for Part 3 of “Lupin” hasn’t been announced yet.

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‘Lupin’ Part 2 ends at a crucial time in Assane’s story

In the first two parts, “Lupin” reveals that Babakar is innocent and that Hubert fraudulently claimed that the diamond necklace was stolen so the businessman could cash in on the insurance money. Babakar was found dead by suicide in jail in the first part, but viewers find out in the second installment that Hubert actually had Babakar killed to silence him, staging it as a suicide.

The second part ends with Hubert under arrest in connection with embezzling money and having Babakar and journalist Fabienne Bériot (played by Anne Benoît) killed.

While it’s a promising start at justice, it’s still not guaranteed that Hubert will actually face any consequences for his crimes. In the fourth episode of the second part, Hubert is brought into the police station for questioning for insurance fraud related to the diamond necklace, but he uses his connections to avoid having to reveal anything.

Similarly, while Hubert may or may not finally be brought to justice, Assane is still wanted for many crimes, including stealing the infamous diamond necklace from an auction months prior. Not much is known about his whereabouts at the end of the second part. Hopefully, the next batch of episodes will give viewers some answers about that.

lupin netflix
                                                                      Assane with the infamous necklace. 

“Lupin” cocreator George Kay said during a June 4 appearance on The Hollywood Reporter’s “TV’s Top 5” podcast that while the first two parts of the stylish show are all about “the avenging of Babakar’s death,” part three will be “a new adventure” featuring Assane.

“Part 3 will be a new adventure entirely with a new emotional goal and a similar amount of adventures and self-contained stories to kind of get us across that arc,” Kay told podcast hosts Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg. “So, yeah, similar, but moving on from the kind of central arc of one and two.”

It’s not a surprise that Netflix wants to continue exploring the world “Lupin” has created — the show is one of the most popular series on the streaming platform.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in April that the series, which holds a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, was the most-watched Netflix show in the first quarter of 2021. Seventy-six million viewers watched at least some of the thriller’s first part, the streaming platform told THR.


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