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Idris And Sabrina Elba Partner With Christian Louboutin To Release A 100% Charitable Shoe Collection Inspired By MLK

Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba recently teamed up with famed accessory designer Christian Louboutin to launch a 100% charitable shoe collection, inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Introducing: Walk a Mile in My Shoes, a 20-piece capsule collection filled with flats, heels, sneakers, dress shoes, and handbags— all designed with purpose by the trio.

“The collection is meant in no way to suggest that anyone walk in our shoes specifically, but to look and be open and understanding to those around you who may not have the same privilege in life and are facing systematic injustices that we all need to rally against,” Idris explained to The Hollywood Reporter, revealing the collection’s name derived from his visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Los Angeles.

The actor added, “We want everyone to see that there are ways we can contribute and be innovative about that contribution. None of us are profiting from this collaboration; the Christian Louboutin team is 100 percent dedicated to this cause, and we hope that will set some precedent.

According to Louboutin, he was personally inspired to reach out to the celebrity couple after tuning into an Instagram Live that featured the Elbas chatting with Black Lives Matters co-founder and activist Opal Tometi. 

“The subject of the discussion speaks directly to me: consideration for people despite your skin tone, color or origin,” Louboutin revealed. “Idris was very clear about the importance of making a contribution, whether through a donation or work toward lasting, structural change. Watching such dear friends’ commitment to something so important moved me a lot.”

He continued, “I agreed that of course we have to take action, but I wanted to offer more than a check; I wanted to provide practical solutions that ladder up to systemic change for communities.”

With prices of the accessories ranging between $875-$3,995, the trio hopes to fund five nonprofit organizations fighting oppression and advancing racial justice, equal rights, and access.

“We wanted to select organizations at the grassroots level that would have the most impact. All the organizations we selected are ones that speak to ourselves and Christian personally,” Sabrina shared about the charitable collection that became shoppable at select Christian Louboutin boutiques and the brand’s website on Wednesday (June 16), .

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The five charities chosen by the trio include: The Immediate TheatreSomali Hope FoundationBe Rose International FoundationPurposeful Philanthropy Foundation, and The Gathering for Justice, a New York-based organization co-founded by Harry Belafonte.

A highlight from the collection includes 1988 SL ($1,295), a pair of red-trimmed black high-top sneakers co-designed by the actor.

“It’s a completely new style. Idris used to send me on WhatsApp some sketches of sneakers he did on his own; this collection was the perfect purpose to realize his dream,” Louboutin shared.

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