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Steller Exclusive: VP Rodney Baylor Speaks to Steller About Boys Hope Girls Hope Organization

VP Rodney Baylor sits down with Steller Magazine to speak about being apart of Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH). BHGH is an organization out of Baltimore, Maryland, that shapes young men and women to become the best version of themselves.

Rodney is a native-born of DC with rich ties to the community he serves and a dedicated father. Rodney is a board member of BHGH and mentors young individuals seeking to succeed in the corporate world. When time permits, Rodney serves the community through service projects: Moveable Feast, Helping Up Mission, and United Baby Drive.

How did you become involved with the organization? 

It has always been my desire to help others, and this drove me to be an active volunteer in my community, eventually leading me to BHGH. I researched the organization when I received an invitation to join the board, and I found that BHGH’s vision aligned with mine and what I wanted to do.

How has your life been impacted by being apart?

Knowing that I can positively impact someone else’s life has had an overwhelmingly fulfilling impact on me. It brings me joy to see the faces of the scholars in the program and the positive influence that the program has on their lives.

Can you give an overview about the organization? 

BHGH provides a safe haven for disadvantaged youth in the community to pursue their dreams of attending college and being productive citizens in society. The organization has various programs that ensure that the kids are well-rounded and prepared to face what life can throw at them.

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What are some of the programs that the organization offers? 

Our programs abide by a long-term commitment to investment in our scholars. We utilize an evidence-based program model that is further adapted to the needs of each affiliate location but rooted in the following dynamics such as:

  • Early intervention before children’s life trajectories is severely limited.
  • Access to quality schools and expert academic support.
  • A “community” of role-model staff and volunteers surrounding our children and their families and providing enrichment and support.
  • Parent/Guardian involvement.
  • Robust support beginning with admission to the program, continuing through college, and remaining available through career launch.
  • Mind, body, and spiritual development support.
  • Stable and loving environment, including homes in residential programming and atmosphere in non-residential programming.

What advice do you have for people who are interested in learning more?

Please reach out to us. We have associates willing to talk with you and provide information on how to get involved. It is a fulfilling program that allows you to chase your dreams. Call us to schedule a time to come by and visit the boys’ home or the girls’ home to meet our scholars. They are wonderful young men and women.

Please let us know where we can find more information about the organization.

You can learn more at Feel free to reach us at 443-503-3463 or email us at

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