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Soul To Table Catering Founder Shaquin Thomas Thrives To Make A Difference By Giving Back To Her Community

Soul To Table Catering founder Shaquin Thomas tries to make a difference in the world on a daily basis by being kind to others, constantly giving back, and volunteering her time and services for great causes. Often times she prepares food and personally serves first responders, police officers, veterans, and others in need. Additionally, she cleans her closet out sporadically and gives her clothes and shoes to battered women and kids in dire need.

As a culinary expert, you are taking off as a business owner. What was this past year like for you and Soul To Table Catering?

Shaquin: Soul To Table was busy in 2022. I was asked to become a foodie contributor for In The City Magazine in April. I’ve always loved writing and it has been a rewarding experience thus far. Not only do I have the honor of sharing my personal food pics but I am able to utilize my hidden talent. While in school, I won various essay, writing, and short story contests and writing was my dream but life happened and I never pursued it. Then out of nowhere while discussing food with the owner of the magazine, writing entree the conversation and poof! Here I am. The man upstairs is always working and I owe it all to Him.

You’re known for giving back to your community in various ways. What does this gesture mean to you and the community you serve?

Shaquin: I love my community. The characteristics that keep my clients coming back to me are because of my heart I believe. They believe in the work I do in the kitchen and in the community. Not only do I prepare meals for my clients but I give complimentary meals to the homeless, elderly, and veterans on a frequent basis. I do constant pulse checks to ensure the less fortunate have their necessities and they support me wholeheartedly in my city.

What was the journey like going from the corporate world to the catering industry?

Shaquin: When you work a 9–5 job, you clock out. Being an entrepreneur, your time off work is when you’re asleep. If you wake up at 2 am, you may check your emails and respond. You may compose invoices at 7 pm at your kid’s soccer practice. You have to be willing to be flexible and you most definitely must have a spouse that understands the sporadic work schedule. It’s all worth it when you can take an uninterrupted week-long vacation and unwind.

What is a goal of yours?

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Shaquin: My goal has always been to be a blessing to someone on a daily basis. I am working on creating something similar to a soup kitchen. I would love to have a nonprofit kitchen in which I could serve the community, veterans, first responders, and police officers free of charge on a regular basis.

What can we expect from you and Soul To Table Catering in the year 2023? Any new dishes, books, merch, or endeavors?

Shaquin: One of my future plans is to create a line of cookbooks for every occasion- appetizers, grill recipes, salads, Cocktails, and so on. I am diligently working to create recipes and content simultaneously to help me reach my goals.

What else would you like to share with us at this time?

Shaquin: There is a new cookbook on the way and there are a few more spice blends that will be hitting the market soon!

How can our readers keep up to date or contact you to obtain your services?

Shaquin: Be sure to check out my cookbook, spices, Soul To Table merchandise, and more on my website- and my Instagram is @soultotablecatering

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