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Written by Brian David

Madam Nselaa Ward is a former attorney, an International Business Architect (largest in the Southeast).  An organizer of the March for Women’s Lives (largest March of its kind at the time). She has been on TEDx Talk speaking on Leadership and Diversity in Madrid, Spain. Nselaa is a Black Lives Matter Activist.  As an Attorney, she has freed over 300 years of Black Live from the Criminal Industrial Complex. Now she is protesting around the country to demand justice for the black lives being murdered in the masses.

Nselaa wanted to become an attorney when she was initially refused the part in a school play. She was encouraged to take a lesser part. This is where her tenacity to become a lawyer was birthed. When asked the deeper question of why she wanted to become a lawyer, she began to open up and share.

Members her family were treated unfairly by the judicial system. She remembers her father being dragged out of the house by the police as she hid in a closet, wishing someone would/could help her father. Her mother was an addict, a “Rock Star,” as Nselaa would describe her. She had been arrested numerous times. Her witnessing the injustice in her community and within her family has helped drive her passion for being a first-generation attorney.

When she started practicing, she did Bankruptcy Law. She would assist people starting again financially while she was struggling with massive college debt and really bad credit. Nselaa didn’t have any idea of financial literacy.  She says she was taught how to survive rather than how to THRIVE. Creating a Blueprint for others to obtained financial freedom.

Attending a private law school where very few looked like her, she was determined to succeed and not let the word NO discourage her. Obtaining the level of being a successful lawyer, fighting for injustice for her people, and being a creative. Nselaa decided to create a talk show.

Nselaa, talk show called “White Women Can We Talk?” that has started a very challenging concept and lively conversations. Getting white and black women together to speak on things known and those yet to be discovered.  This relationship started at a disadvantage. The two adversaries had to get to the point of the level. White women were afraid to say, “black women,” so they would say “women of color” instead.

Moreover, Black women wanted and needed to have their voices heard. However, forcing the two sides to speak about the difficult discussions is no easy task. One of the common topics discussed is white women feeling oppressed. The conversations and the actions run deep. Please be on the lookout for this “Talk” you will not be disappointed. This forum was a lead into the March for Women’s Lives spoken of earlier.

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Please follow her on NselaaWard at IG, on Twitter, at LinkedIn, Nselaa Wards Fan Page (FB), and is her business email.


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