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Self Care

Do You Love You?

If you’re like me, you are always looking for any glimmer of joy or light in the world. I’m that person that loves Mondays simply because it’s a fresh start of a new week. A new beginning to get it right or do it over. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I can remember hiding in my aunt’s apartment typing short stories on her laptop just to expand my imagination.

After a lot of thought and self-reflection, I decided that what I wanted was to tell a story of my experiences but deliver it with substance and in a relatable way. By sharing this information, my hope is to inspire women to reconnect with their pulse, their voice and their heart. I don’t have it all together but I have the love of self and I want everyone to have.

My manual’s title is vulgar because its meant to be. Its an in your face self worth book that I have been trying to write for almost a year. When Covid-19 hit and I would wake up to read all the many statuses of women that were lost, heartbroken or merely needed a reminder of who they were, I was inspired to write. I wanted to remind women that you deserve the love you give to everyone else. You need to forgive yourself as immediately as you would your children, your mate or that friend you can’t imagine yourself not calling. Mental Health is the root of any good relationship and no relationship is better than the one with you. You have to love yourself. It sounds easy and redundant but it’s not. Take this journey into my life and see why there is no time like the present. Even with all the voices in the world, the one that needs to ring the loudest is yours.

I could easily run out of fingers when counting the times that I insulted myself. The times I counted myself out. The times I compared my body to someone else or the accomplishments that I should have. It’s toxic and if we learned anything during this quarantine is that we have nothing but time to change but you have to start somewhere. There is literally no where to hide. When the dawn begins to set and your thoughts are all you have, you have to ask yourself are you happy. If that answer is no, then you need to make the effort to change it to yes every single day. If you don’t know where to start, read this eBook. You will laugh and nod in agreement with my poor choices and slick anecdotes. You will be shocked at how alike we are. You will remember that even Ciara had a prayer and happiness is on the other end.

I am a testament that it can happen, if you believe.

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Tavia MD

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